Conkey Architect | 425 Mass Ave
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425 Mass Ave

425 Massachusetts Avenue

Washington, D.C.


September 13, 2009

About This Project

This urban residence, originally developed as a condominium, achieves sculptural richness through the use of symmetrical asymmetrical curvilinear bays, federally mandated setbacks, discretely screened balconies, and a unifying composition of juxtaposed planes and voids. A thru-block building, the facade along Eye Street is more angular and far glassier, taking advantage of its northern exposure and different context. The rooftop garden which includes a pool and the lushly landscaped central courtyard generate opportunities for quiet communal recreation essential to urban living. These amenities along with the idiosyncratic fa├žade work in concert to provide the inhabitants an abundant environment in which numerous opportunities for renewal exist.