Conkey Architect | Continental Roof Terrace
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Continental Roof Terrace

Continental Roof Terrace

Arlington, VA



About This Project

The Board at the Continental Condominium, through CFM Management Services, wanted to add a roof
terrace amenity to a previously unused area of their roof. Working through the technical aspects of
adding this amenity to an existing building, such as structural support and camouflage of existing
mechanical penetrations, the design adheres to the premise of form follows function. Creatively placed
copper clad columns not only serve as an anchor to the bar and support of an overhead trellis, but also
conceal plumbing piping, as do lushly planted green columns creating spaces for cooking and dining.
Perimeter fencing in both glass and metal mesh allow for expansive and minimally obstructed views while
also protecting occupants and adjacent landscaping from harsh winds. The roof garden amenity provides
residents with an opportunity for recreation and relaxation in a comfortable modern aesthetic as a
punctuation to an otherwise traditional setting.